The Centre

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The Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa

Many of our workshops are held at the learning centre, a large, spacious house on the banks of the Jock River at the south end of Barrhaven.  Woods and a large lawn surround the other sides of the Centre.

Within, it's an open space.  From the main gathering room, participants can look out upon the rapids.  We have a mix of seating:  you can sit in a chair, you can relax on a couch, you can stand, you can lie down on the floor.

Occasionally, people need to take a break from the main room and relax elsewhere, where you can continue to follow what's happening on a monitor.

Food is a major part of any good gathering of friends.  There is no shortage of healthy food available:  some healthy for the body, some healthy for the soul.  Some of the best conversations (and sometimes learnings) occur while sharing a meal with others.  The Centre has a large, bright basement where we have our meals and snacks.  When the weather is nice, many people choose to eat outside or go for a walk around the area.  It goes without saying (but we are saying it) that we have coffee, milk, and a wide selection of teas and soft drinks available.

The location, the food, the conversations:  all of these help develop the sense of community that rapidly forms during the workshops.  We hope that you’ll feel at home while you’re with us!