Rob Burnfield, BSc, PMP

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Rob Burnfield, Past President of SLCORob Burnfield, BSc, PMP, is a past president of the board of the Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa.  A long-time member of the organization, he has helped facilitate, MC, and coordinate many of the recent workshops.  Along with the training provided by Janet Christie-Seely at the Centre, Rob has received training in Satir methodologies from Maria Gomori, who worked with Virginia for many years, and has received training in conflict resolution.

He developed and organized some of the training material that is used for some of the workshops.  Rob created and continues to support this website, and has also held the roles of Treasurer and Secretary with the SLCO.

Elsewhere, Rob sang as a tenor with the Cantata Singers of Ottawa for many years and, in 2004-2005, during his time as its President, led the search for its new music director.  In his working life, he is responsible for software quality assurance and has developed and led training sessions for software applications.  Every August, Rob joins other in Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer's And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon, the epilogue of The Patria Project:  eight days of wilderness camping, theatre, and music, an event that, similar to the workshops put on by the SLCO, is time that lets us reflect upon and learn what it is to be truly human.