Tom Hutchinson, MD, BCh, FRCP(C)

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Tom Hutchinson, MD, BCh, FRCP(C) first saw the possibilities of transformative therapy when he participated in a four-day session with Virginia Satir in 1986, which was organized by Dr. Janet Christie-Seely. He completed a four-year Couples' and Family Therapy Training Program at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal in 1995.

He is a palliative care physician in Montreal, working with the families of dying patients and teaching medical students about healing.  Previously, as a nephrologist, he applied his skills in family therapy with individuals and groups of patients with kidney failure.

Tom has participated and assisted in many Family Reconstruction Workshops with Janet Christie-Seely since 1993.  He has interned with John Banmen (Director of Training for the Satir Institute of the Pacific) in the training program for counselors teaching the Satir Model in Ottawa.