Friday night only: Your Family – The Origin of Your Emotions

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Friday night only

Your family - the origin of your emotions

You don't want to or are unable to attend for an entire weekend?  Join us just for Friday night, where we present to you some different ways of viewing yourself and the people in your life.

Find out how to view the world through a lens of partnership instead of one group or person dominating another (hierarchy vs. growth).

Learn what happens when you hit a personal crisis and how you can grow through that to the other side (the change process).

When you are under stress, how do you react?  What are you feeling deep down?  Learn to identify these reactions and your hidden underlying feelings (our communication stances).

You probably know that there is more to you than you're aware; learn about your iceberg and what's sitting below your waterline.

How about that little voice that is constantly saying how you should react, how you should live your life?  Identify this voice and from where it came (your gremlin and family rules).

Self esteem?  We'll show you how it relates back to the family in which you grew up.

Friday evening, 16 November 2012

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