Workshop: The change process and self-esteem

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What if you could find a way to look at your life differently? What if you could find the key to understanding yourself and why you repeatedly experience the same challenges in your professional and personal relationships? What if you could get past the anger, the hurt and the fear in your life? What if you could learn how to feel great about yourself and become aware of the power you have to reconstruct your life?

This 2-1/2 day (Friday evening to Sunday evening) workshop for everyone on the Change Process and Self-Esteem will show you practical ways in a trusting environment to step away from past negative family patterns. Consider looking at life through a different pair of glasses, where you'll have the opportunity, at your choice, to listen, to watch, and to interact.

The Satir Model has a way of helping people achieve the self-awareness and confidence necessary to make personal changes. The workshop focuses on the origin of self-esteem and its essential role in how we view ourselves and others. Participants discover that an examination of family histories can produce valuable insights into generational behaviour patterns that have affected their attitudes and beliefs from childhood. The Satir workshop develops a range of life and communications skills that can equip you to create change in all aspects of your life. Learn how congruent communication can build self-esteem. See yourself through the metaphor of the Iceberg. Explore your life situations with the Ingredients of an Interaction. Experience the Family Reconstruction that presents one person's family history over three generations and see your own parents and siblings with new understanding.