Workshop: On Becoming a Better Parent, Partner, and Person

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What if you could answer the challenge of your teenager or your two-year-old so you felt you both could win?

What if that volcano that erupted out of nowhere with your spouse could be resolved and not repeated?

What if you could get a handle on why you keep doing what bugs you so much?

What if you could live up to your potential and not shoot yourself in the foot?

The Satir Model has a way of helping people achieve the self-awareness and confidence necessary to make personal changes.  The workshop focuses on the origin of self-esteem and its essential role in how we view ourselves and others.  Participants discover that an examination of family histories can produce valuable insights into generational behaviour patterns that have affected their attitudes and beliefs from childhood.

Please note: Many people are nervous about groups.  Be assured participants need say nothing about themselves in the group–you learn vicariously through others who are willing to volunteer, and can remain an observer.

The Satir workshop develops a range of life and communications skills that can equip you to create change in all aspects of your life.  Learn how “congruent” communication can build self-esteem, and help your parenting skills and relationship with your partner and others.  See yourself through the metaphor of “The Iceberg”.  Explore your life situations with “The Ingredients of an Interaction”.

Parents and partners will find much that is immediately useful.  Whether you are prepared for a little change or a lot, you will find yourself among friends in a safe and supportive environment.  If you are frustrated with the “joys” of parenting, struggling to improve a relationship, at personal crossroads in terms of your job, at odds with a family member, recovering from an illness, experiencing grief or simply looking for new solutions in your life, this workshop will start you on or enhance your journey of self-discovery and change.