Workshop: Enriching Relationships

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Enriching relationships with yourself and others

Enriching relationships with oneself and others becomes easier when one comes from a place of peace.
In this context, a place of peace does not mean a world free of noise, trouble, or hard work—rather, it refers to an innate, inner state of peace—a conscious state of being.
Join us for this educational workshop to explore six skills that can help you mindfully reconnect with your inner self. Find your place of peace and deepen your connection with yourself and others.
By practicing the following 6 skills, you will learn to help yourself and others enrich your relationships:
  • Making Contact:  slowing down and attending to yourself and / or someone else
  • Validating:  actively valuing yourself and others
  • Becoming Aware:  observing your thoughts, feelings and reactions, as well as those of others
  • Opening to Greater Understanding and Acceptance:  being willing to stay open and learn from those who differ from us, as well as accepting ourselves
  • Making Conscious Choices:  becoming aware of your choices regarding your behaviour
  • Seeking or Giving Support:  actively asking for support for yourself when needed, and being able to offer support to others as well

For whom is it?

People come to SLCO workshops from all of life's circumstances.  Whether you are prepared for a little change or a lot, you will find yourself among friends in a safe and supportive environment.  If you are at personal crossroads in terms of your job, at odds with a family member, recovering from an illness, experiencing grief or simply looking for new solutions in your life, this workshop will start you on or enhance your journey of self-discovery and change.

If you're a parent, you can learn different ways to be with your children.  If you're a therapist, you can learn new ways of working with your clients.  Learn how to see your parents on an equal footing as you.  Teachers use these techniques to more effectively communicate with their students.  And as a person, as we all are, you can use these lessons to change how you are in the world.

You'll find a mix of new people and people who've been to our workshops before, people who are part of our community.  As people gain a better understanding of themselves, many find it useful to return and view these concepts from their new place of understanding.

Virginia saw people as good at their core (often despite appearances) and with a desire to grow and learn and discover a deep source of high self-esteem, which can be tapped when you know where to look. With humour, respect for people of any walk of life or circumstance, and a sense of safety and confidentiality, she created workshops for personal growth and transformation.  These workshops have continued in 34 countries since her death.

Our workshops are designed for both therapists and non-therapists.  Virginia was one of very few therapists to explicitly teach that the therapist-client relationship should not be hierarchical.  In fact, her Growth Model emphasizes that hierarchy is a key source of both low self-esteem and non-congruent communication.  She taught that congruence (honest but considerate communication in which what is conveyed on the outside matches the internal feelings and perceptions) comes from and enhances high self-esteem, and respects the other, oneself, and the context.  Thus, her workshops were open to therapists and non-therapists.  She believed that, for therapists to be effective, they must work on themselves and learn congruence.  The Satir Learning Centre follows this model and also has a built-in training programme for therapists.

How much do I have to participate?

Don’t worry!  This is not a show and tell.  We know that many people are nervous about groups.  Be assured that, as a participant, you need say nothing about yourself in the group—you learn vicariously through learning about the tools and through the re-creation of one person's family history.  You can remain an observer.  You will work with two other people whom you choose.  In the larger group, you can choose to volunteer if you want to say something further.  At all times, you choose what you say.

A key philosophy is that we are responsible for ourselves, and that includes the right to say yes or no.


Please avoid wearing perfume and cologne, as some people are highly allergic.

Date and Times / Location

Date:  Saturday, 29 September 2012
Registration and check-in time:  9:00 AM
Workshop times:  9:15 AM to 4:00 PM
Location:  Living at One, 160 Bank Street, Ottawa K1P 5N7

Please note that this workshop is being held in downtown Ottawa, not at the Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa.

Registration information

For more information, please contact the Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa.

If you're interested in attending, we invite you to

Medical resident, student$45
Senior citizen (over 65 & not one of above), SLCO member$65
Other individual$85

Printable flier

We have a flier about the workshop that you can print.  You might find this useful if you have a friend or family member who you think might be interested in the workshop and who prefers printed material.  Alternatively, if you know of places (such as doctors' offices, beauty salons, community centres, etc.) that would have clients who might be interested, we would be happy to have you place fliers in these locations.