The Art of Ageing… The Gift of Sage-ing: Sage-ing Intensive Workshop

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Ageing to Sage-ing®

What is Ageing?  Ageing is ongoing growth; it's not a decline after hitting your prime.

So what is Sage-ing?  Sage-ing is the art of capitalizing on the wisdom of elders, now that this age group is surviving longer, to increase the wisdom of all of humanity.

This workshop helps you look at and review your life so that, as you eventually move into your elder years, whether they be soon or many years away, you can impart your wisdom more fully to those who would benefit from that wisdom.

Sage-ing means creating conscious development in those over 60 that deepens self-awareness, enhances interpersonal relationships, and cultivates a valuation of elders as mentors and wise counsel to the community.  It's about creating a vibrant and enjoyable old age despite increasing infirmity and the need to face our mortality.

For whom is it?

Planning ahead in your life helps, so this workshop is useful to those in their 50s or earlier as well as those already into the aging process.

People come to SLCO retreats from all of life's circumstances.  Whether you are prepared for a little change or a lot, you will find yourself among friends in a safe and supportive environment.  If you are at personal crossroads in terms of your job, at odds with a family member, recovering from an illness, experiencing grief or simply looking for new solutions in your life, this retreat will start you on or enhance your journey of self-discovery and change.

The presenters

This workshop will be presented by Pat Hoertdoerfer (bio) and Anne Boynton (bio) of the Sage-ing Guild.  The Sage-ing Guild was founded in November 2004 to support and promote sage-ing—the philosophy of conscious aging.


Friday, 18 November, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

  • Welcome and Opening Ceremony
  • Sage-ing Meditation and Reflection

Saturday, 19 November, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Introduction to Satir Communication Model
  • Session 1:  Images of Ageing
  • Session 2:  Life Review
  • LUNCH (provided)
  • Session 3:  Life Repair / Life Harvest
  • Session 4:  Gift of Forgiveness
  • Creative Reflections:  My Life as a Work of Art

Sunday, 20 November, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

  • Dialogue:  Satir and Sage-ing
  • Session 5:  Facing Mortality
  • Session 6:  Leaving a Legacy
  • LUNCH (provided)
  • Session 7:  Mentorships' Guild / Training Information
  • Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa Events
  • Elder Closing Circle
  • Farewell

How much do I have to participate?

Don’t worry!  This is not a show and tell.  We know that many people are nervous about groups.  Be assured that you choose what you say.  You can remain an observer.

A key philosophy is that we are responsible for ourselves, and that includes the right to say yes or no.


Please avoid wearing perfume and cologne, as some people are highly allergic.

Dates and Times / Location

The Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa, on the banks of the Jock RiverWorkshop dates:  Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, 18 to 20 November 2011
Registration deadline for early bird price for SLCO and Sage-ing Guild members: Monday, 31 October 2011
Workshop registration and check-in:  Friday (6:30 PM), Saturday (8:30 AM), Sunday (8:45 AM)
Workshop times:  Friday evening (7:00 PM to 9:30 PM), Saturday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM), and Sunday (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM).

The workshop will be held at the SLCO learning centre (details) on the banks of the Jock River at the south end of Barrhaven.

Registration information

For more information, please contact the Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa.

To register for the workshop, please print the single registration form  or the group registration form , fill it in, and mail it with payment to the address on the form.  Cheques may be made out to "SLCO".

If you are registering as part of a group, a copy of the group registration form must be provided for each person in the group.

  Up to November 15After November 15
 SLCO member, medical resident, student, Sage-ing Guild member$235$285
 Repeat Sage-ing leader$125Contact us...
 Other individual$285$335
Group (5 for the price of 4)  
 SLCO members, medical residents, students$940$1,140
 Other individuals$1,140$1,340

Except for existing SLCO and Sage-ing Guild members, all workshop fees include an affiliate membership in the SLCO.

To encourage early registration to help our planning, after Tuesday, November 15, an additional fee of $50 / person will be charged.

Printable fliers and poster

We have a flier about the workshop  that you can print.  You might find this useful if you have a friend or family member whom you think might be interested in the workshop and who prefers printed material.  Alternatively, if you know of places (such as doctors' offices, beauty salons, community centres, etc.) that would have clients who might be interested, we would be happy to have you place fliers in these locations.  The flier assumes that the reader will go to the web site for further details and registration.

We also have a poster  that can be placed in various venues.  If you will be visiting a place where one of our posters might be useful, we invite you to put it up.