Know more fully

Do you sometimes wonder if there might be a little bit more to you than you might be aware?  Would you like to see your family ... your workmates ... yourself ... in a more positive light? What about having a better sense of where you might be going in life?

Janet Christie-Seely, MD, MSc, FCFP, Executive Director of the SLCOUnder the leadership of Dr. Janet Christie-Seely, the Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa presents weekend workshops that teach you methods that help you choose, at a very deep personal level, how you react to what life presents you each day, every minute.

The Centre

The Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa

Many of our workshops are held at the learning centre, a large, spacious house on the banks of the Jock River at the south end of Barrhaven.  Woods and a large lawn surround the other sides of the  centre.

Within, it's an open space.  From the main gathering room, participants can look out upon the rapids.  We have a mix of seating:  you can sit in a chair, you can relax on a couch, you can stand, you can lie down on the floor.

Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was a pioneer in family systems therapy and an inspiration to generations of family therapists.

The Satir Model helps people rediscover their essential value through exercises that encourage self-awareness and personal growth.  Her legacy is a vibrant network of therapists and lay people who continue to be involved in the Virginia Satir Global Network or in the Satir Institutes worldwide.